Other British Makes

Though most of the British cars we repair are the more common makes, at J and G Automotive we repair other types of British cars as well. 

Our mechanics are trained and certified in repairing cars by:

  • Aston Martin,
  • Austin Healey
  • MG
  • Triumph
  • Rolls Royce
  • Bentley

Aston Martin Repair


Aston Martin builds stylish and sleek hand-built sports cars with highly competitive performance aspects. Aston Martin has long history of racing and competition. With specialized design it is a world famous icon known for sophistication, elegance and rousing performance. J and G Automotive is the Aston Martin repair shop for Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

Austin Healey Repair

Austin Healey were made from 1953-1967 by Donald and Geoffrey Healey. These stylish British sports cars are still driven today by car owners with discerning taste. If you have an Austin Healey bring it in and our skilled technician will take care of any issue you may be having with it. We are the Bay Area’s Austin Healey repair center.

MG Repair

MG is another older make of British car that we repair here. MG is best known for their two seat open sports cars. If you have an MG that is in need of service bring it in to J and G in Marin County. We specialize in MG repair.

Triumph Repair

We also repair cars by Triumph. Triumph certainly deserves a place in British automotive history for the fine cars they produced. If you need work done on your Triumph made car and live in Marin County or the San Francisco Bay Area then come to J and G Automotive. We are the Triumph repair professionals.

Rolls Royce Repair

Rolls Royce sets the standard for class and sophistication in British car manufacturing. We understand that you want your Rolls Royce to be given special care and attention. At J and G Automotive we have the skill and experience to keep your Rolls Royce running in tip top condition. We are the Bay Area’s Rolls Royce repair shop.

Bentley Repair

Bentley is a maker of fine automobiles from Great Britain. Bentley cars should be cared for by a true professional mechanic who has experience with them. At J and G Automotive we are Bentley repair specialists and will take the best care of your Bentley in Marin County and the Bay Area.

British Car Repair Shop in Marin County

As you can see, we repair many different types of British cars. We are Marin County’s British car repair authorities.

If you are having problems with any of these types of cars give us a call today at
(415) 457-2403 or contact us here.