Jaguar Tuning

If you are in need of tuning services for your Jaguar then you should take your vehicle to J and G Automotive in San Rafael. We've been tuning Jaguars for years we know how to get the best performance out of your Jaguar. We offer a range of Jaguar conversions, Jaguar performance packages as well as a number of individual options to personalize your Jaguar’s handling, style and performance.

Jaguar Tune-ups

J and G offers tune-up services to help you get the most of your Jaguar without the addition of costly components.

We check:

  •     Tire Tread and Pressure
  •     Engine Oil
  •     Oil Filter
  •     Transmission Fluid and Filter
  •     Engine Coolant and Ant-Freeze
  •     Air Filter
  •     Brake Fluid

Regular maintenance will ensure that your Jaguar is running at its best.

High Performance Tuning

If you are interested in high performance Jaguar tuning, J and G offers that as well. The factory model of the Jaguar, while exceptional can be tuned to significantly increase its performance. Jaguar factory tuning typically achieves a balance between power and fuel economy. Why settle for average? You are driving the best in British automotive engineering. At J and G Automotive we can help you to unleash the full power of your Jaguar.

We provide high performance tuning for all of your Jaguar systems and parts.

We tune:

  •     Intake/Exhaust
  •     Upper and Lower Super Charger Pulleys
  •     Brake Systems
  •     Suspensions
  •     Transmissions
  •     Tires
  •     Performance Chip

Brake System Tuning

It’s important that your Jaguar has good stopping ability. Uprated brakes, performance pads and disks will all help your Jaguar stop on a dime.

Suspension Tuning

Suspension modification will increase your Jaguar’s handling when navigating curvy roads.

The right tires determine how your Jaguar handles and grips the road. Go with the best tires since they are all that stands between your Jaguar and the road.

Amazing results can be achieved by just tuning a few parts.

Affordable and Personal Jaguar Tuning in Marin

The mechanics at J and G Automotive love working on Jaguars. Unlike other shops or the dealer we are affordable. In addition you can come in at any time and see what progress we've made on your Jaguar and even watch us work on it. We don’t do our Jaguar tuning behind a curtain like the dealer. Give us the opportunity to help you improve your Jaguar’s performance.

If you live in Marin or the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to tune your Jaguar give us a call today at

(415) 457-2403 or use our contact form to schedule an appointment.