Land Rover Tips

Here are some helpful tips for Land Rover owners.

Land Rover Off-roading Tips

The Land Rover is an all terrain vehicle built for going off road, but some special considerations should be made before you do so. 

  • Know your Land Rover's dimensions
  • Know where fragile parts like the fuel tank are
  • Drive as slowly as possible and as fast as necessary
  • Be extra careful on wet surfaces
  • Read the ground as far ahead as you can
  • Walk the ground, if possible, before you drive it
  • Know what's over the crest before ascending a hill
  • Avoid gear changes while navigating rough terrain

Be sure to check the steering components before you drive. Have your key and parking brake on with the engine off and turn the wheel, listening for pops and looking for looseness in the tie rods and the steering drop arm connections.

Land Rover Towing Tips

Do not exceed the laden weight recommended by the manufacturer of the tow bar or tow hitch. Load a trailer with more weight in the front than in the back to avoid weaving, yawing or snaking when towing. Find and position the proper center of gravity for the trailer; it should be right in front of the trailers wheels. Adjust the rear tow hitch so the trailer is level. It can be slightly down in the front but never in the rear. Give yourself a 4 second following distance from cars in front of you and more room to maneuver when turning.

Tips to Reduce Mechanical Problems

Only have your Land Rover taken care of by specialty mechanics and shops. Don’t put your Land Rover in the hands of someone who does not fully understand the mechanics and special needs of this car. Your Land Rover maintenance should only be performed by people specially trained with the skills and knowledge to give your car expert attention and care.

Get References before Work Begins

Find out the reputation of the shop and of the shop’s mechanics before agreeing to have repair or maintenance work performed on your Land Rover. Get references. Ask questions from friends and professional colleagues about which shop and mechanics they entrusted their Land Rover maintenance to. Utilize online resources like Yelp to see what people are saying about Land Rover service shops in your area. Then choose the best one based on your research.

Regular Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups are an important part of your Land Rover maintenance. Schedule these at set time intervals between performances of maintenance. Mileage can vary and is not always the best indicator when a tune-up for your Land Rover is needed.

Marin’s Land Rover Repair Experts

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