Mini Cooper Tips

Here are some helpful tips for Mini Cooper owners from your Marin County Mini Cooper repair shop.

Change Your A/C Cabin Filter

The A/C cabin filter is designed to clean the air inside your car. To see if it needs changing turn on your air conditioning system and see if a) it has lost some of its force, or b) it smells like exhaust from a vacuum. If the answer is yes for either then it needs to be replaced. The filter can be found on the underside of your glove box. When you buy a replacement you can get the dust-trapping electrostatic filter or the carbon filter for unpleasant odors. Filters should be replaced annually depending on how much you drive.

Low Oil Pressure

If you see the LOW oil light after a filter or oil change check the filter. This probably means that the oil filter cartridge needs to be slipped over the center core attached to the oil filter cap. Bad mechanics might accidentally throw the core out with a bad filter. This will cause the gauge to register LOW since the filter can’t seal properly. Make sure your Mini Cooper’s oil is changed by thorough mechanics like those at J and G Automotive to avoid problems like these.

Tips to Reduce Mechanical Problems

Only have your Mini Cooper taken care of by specialty mechanics and shops. Don’t put your Mini Cooper in the hands of someone who does not fully understand the mechanics and special needs of this car. Your Mini Cooper maintenance should only be performed by people specially trained with the skills and knowledge to give your car expert attention and care.

Get References before Work Begins

Find out the reputation of the shop and of the shop’s mechanics before agreeing to have repair or maintenance work performed on your Mini Cooper. Get references. Ask questions from friends and professional colleagues about which shop and mechanics they entrusted their Mini Cooper maintenance to. Utilize online resources like Yelp to see what people are saying about Mini Cooper service shops in your area. Then choose the best one based on your research.

Regular Tune-Ups

Regular tune-ups are an important part of your Mini Cooper maintenance. Schedule these at set time intervals between performances of maintenance. Mileage can vary and is not always the best indicator when a tune-up for your Mini Cooper is needed.

Marin County Mini Cooper Mechanics

We hope these tips for a few common problems that Mini Cooper owners have were useful to you. If you are in need of Mini Cooper repair work or need Mini Cooper tuning done then it’s important that you choose experienced professionals. J and G Automotive is the Mini Cooper service shop for Marin County and the San Francisco Bay Area.

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