Mini Cooper Tuning

J and G Automotive provides personal and affordable Mini Cooper tuning to all of our Bay Area clients. Come to our shop located in San Rafael to get a quote on tuning work for your Mini.

There are lots of good reasons to have a Mini Cooper. Minis are great vehicles. They have a strong sense of personality and zing. Minis are fun, reliable and they get great gas mileage.

Mini Cooper Tune-ups

J and G Automotive offers tune up services to help you get the most out your Mini without the addition of costly components.

We check:

  • Tire Tread and Pressure
  • Engine Oil
  • Oil Filter
  • Transmission Fluid and Filter
  • Engine Coolant and Ant-Freeze
  • Air Filter
  • Brake Fluid

High Performance Mini Cooper Tuning

We provide high performance Mini tuning as well.

We tune the following systems:

  • Intake/Exhaust
  • Brake Systems
  • Suspensions
  • Transmissions
  • Tires
  • Performance Chips
  • Superchargers

We help you find the right starting point to tune your Mini Cooper for high performance. Identifying one’s performance goals and driving style is vital. Customers should also have in mind the products which fit their preference.

Visit our car repair shop in San Rafael, CA to get step-by-step instructions from our competent mechanics on how to tune your Mini Cooper to achieve optimal handling and power. Services offered at our shop are affordable. Our shop offers options that are suitable for every interest and driving level.

Brake and Suspension

Come over to J and G and get brakes for all terrains. We can fit your car with a grooved and vented brake pad that presents the ultimate brake set up for all Mini Coopers. This set up is much larger in diameter and thicker than stock. At J and G Automotive, we have ‘fast road’ brake pads. These brakes attain enhanced braking in all conditions.


Mini Cooper owners like to add a personal touch to their cars. There are almost limitless styling options for Mini Coopers. There is a Mini Cooper style that fits every owner. Our mechanics will ensure that you get the finest quality of style that suits your preference and personality.

Slash and Cut Exhaust

Our friendly and professional staff can replace your normal Mini Cooper exhausts with many alternatives like the slash and cut exhaust. This design of exhausts can be fitted without any welding involved. We will fit your exhaust with standard or aero body kits to give your car a trendy look. Come and get an extremely low cost effective combination of good looks, good sound, excellent performance and light weight.


Mini Cooper S models equipped with supercharges can be upgraded with a supercharger pulley kit allowing the supercharger to rotate faster and deliver higher forced air pressure. This relatively simple modification provides noticeable power gains throughtout the range.

Marin County Mini Cooper Tuning Authorities

Our packages aim to achieve a blend of drivability, power and reliability. If you live in Marin County or the San Francisco Bay Area and would like to get tuning done on your Mini Cooper than why not go with the best? The mechanics at J and G are Marin's Mini Cooper tuning experts.

Give us a call today (415) 457-2403 or contact us to set up an appointment for Mini Cooper tuning.