My fun lil Mini was having some strange issue where if I would accelerate the car would jerk, badly. I didn't want to risk driving all the way home to Santa Rosa, so I figured J&G was the next best option (they've seen my car before and took care of me very well last time).

My Pops was nice enough to drop my car off since I had to work and they managed to take look at it the same day. They didn't find anything since my baby decided to be shy and no codes came up, but they still looked around and said my spark plugs were pretty much done.
They changed them out and I got my Mini the next day and they let pay over the phone. So far I've been motoring along as usual :).
They were quick and always so friendly when I stop by unexpectedly.
If I'm ever in a pinch in Marin again I would go back here again.

Em C.- San Rafael, CA


I don't know what it says about my car when I am "the duke" of an auto repair center but the guys at J & G are top notch.  They keep our Land Rover on the road.   The diagnosis is right on and the work is reasonable.  I can highly recommend J & G for Rover service and repair.

Charles R. - San Rafael, CA


I don't think I could say enough good things about these guys!!  Joe is ALWAYS beyond helpful and being a female with a 99 Jag, I had barely survived an extreme rip-off at the Jag dealer in Corte Madera.  I looked around and found these guys and have been going there for years! I know I am getting honest estimates and they work with me to do the things I can afford a little at a time.  LOVE them!

Linda D - San Rafael, CA


The guys at J and G know what they're doing, talk plain sense - with an English and Irish lilt, and are way more reasonable on price than San Franciso Mini/BMW where I bought and used to service my Mini Cooper S. J and G is also quick but thorough, and Joe, at the front desk, is helpful, friendly and informed. I can't imagine going anywhere else!

Their recommendations to Diamond Tire Center and Spotless Car Wash, also in San Rafael, have also been great tips.

Marc M - Inverness, CA


 Very friendly, prompt, fair priced and most importantly, DEPENDABLE auto repair. I like that they treat me with respect and take time to explain why the repairs are necessary and where the breakdown in cost comes. No other shop has made me feel that comfortable and worry free about my auto repairs.

Thank you!

 Edward S - San Francisco, CA


Joe just saved me thousands of dollars and a whole lot of heart ache!  Had a used RR that was interested in buying and  had it inspected by Jag Automotive.  They found all of the issues and reported them to me.  The best thing about the service was that I handled everything remote,  I called Joe explained the situation and my expectation of getting his professional unbiased diagnostic of the truck. (I never met him, but seen the positive reviews on Yelp),( plus the owner of the RR didn't know him).Joe  gave his word that he would, and he did.  I paid for the inspection, he made a report along with estimates and faxed it to me.  Without ever providing  the information to the owner.  As Joe put it, I paid for the inspection so he'll only provide the information to me.  Good job Joe and thanks for saving me allot of money and trouble!  Rule of thumb when buying a used car.  Get the inspection done!!!!  If you are in San Rafael, go to Jag Automotive.

S H - San Leandro, CA


This place was great. Fixed my Land Rover the same day at half the price of the dealer. They were super friendly and helpful as well. They definitely have my service now.

Jared A - San Rafael, CA


These guys are as good as it gets in keeping my 98 xk8 showroom perfect...

Hollis K - San Rafael, CA


Being a car fiend (but sometimes lacking common sense), I bought a handful of a 1996 Jaguar XJ6 a couple of years ago. Almost immediately, I realized it needed an immense amount of work -- including a rear differential replacement, a notoriously complex and expensive job.

Thank the gods of Coventry for Justin, Tim and the rest of the invaluable crew at Jag Automotive! They proved supremely knowledgeable, quite friendly and worked carefully at each problem until my XJ6 was in top running shape! And all while keeping the tab as low as possible given considerably amount of work involved.  I have no doubt that, had I taken that car anywhere else, it would have taken longer, not been done as well and cost me much, much more.

I did eventually sell the XJ6, but I've continued dragging in the rest of my eclectic stable (A Suzuki Sidekick, Mazda Tribute and even an old 1971 Plymouth Satellite). The Jag Auto guys can take pretty much every kind of car you have. They're also fast, courteous, VERY honest and simply as reliable as you could want. You might expect such efficiency and expertise from Jaguar Master Technicians but the fun banter, excellent personal level of service and pristine shop environment will make you feel like you're a V.I.P. whether you're bringing in a fully loaded XK-R or a beater musclecar.

Cheers, guys!

Bill S - San Rafael, CA


Not everyone understands how special it is to drive a Jaguar. But the guys at Jag Automotive do! I had the most unpleasant experience at Marin Luxury Cars that I was about to sell my 2002 XJ-R. Luckily I found Justin at Jag Automotive and he restored my faith in the brand. Their service is unparalleled and Justin's knowledge of the marque and it's history is quite extraordinary too.

Martin N - San Rafael, CA